2020 was indeed an unpredictable and chaotic year. The coronavirus pandemic affected almost every part of our lives. The most significant changes that the pandemic brought are in the marketing field. The e-commerce sales saw a serious elevation last year as lockdown and quarantine made everyone spent more time on social media than before, video conferencing became the new method that many brands adapted to communicate with their consumers.

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Increase in Live-Streams 

As everyone got locked up in their homes, many in-person events were canceled, due to which people were unable to meet their friends and family. This cancellation of physical events gave a hike to online meetings and live streams. 

Some statistics show that there was a 50% spike in Facebook live viewing and 70% in Instagram. Besides Instagram and Facebook, live viewings of Amazon also increased as influencers used that platform for promoting their favorite products.

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Enhancing Customer Experience Using UGC

The Online Desk says customers are the top priority for any business; every business wants to give a memorable experience to their customers. Before making any purchasing decision, customers want to be assured of the product. And to give this assurance, UGC (User-Generated Content) helps a lot. UGC has been in use for many years and in 2021 also it will continue to be the same. 

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Focusing More on Sustainability

Most consumers feel that brands should take measures to improve the environment. Consumers now prefer brands that are more purpose-driven and conscious about the environment. Though from past few years many brands have taken many measures like changing the materials they used, changing the packaging materials, their systems, etc to create a more sustainable future, but the numbers are not that high. 

The Ocean Cleanup can be a great example of such brands. It is a Netherland-based non-profit engineering organization that launched its first product which is solely made from the plastic collected from the Great Pacific Garbage Patch. 

Voice and Visual Search taking the Lead

In 2020, the use of voice-activated tools increased considerably. The reason behind it might be the limited conversation opportunities that people had in lockdown or simply because these technologies are more handy and easy to use. And this trend continues in 2021 also. So to keep pace with this new trend, brands have to put more stress on image alt-texts and sitemap images.

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Inclusivity Will Be the Road to Success 

With the Black Lives Matter incident in 2020, inclusivity became a huge matter of concern. Inclusivity also had a huge impact on the marketing and purchasing behavior of the customers. A study shows that retailers are losing around 81% of their customers because they do not believe in equality and diversity and more than that 29% of customers are permanently switching their brands if their currently preferred brand does not show enough diversity. 

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These are some top marketing trends of 2021 that you must be aware of. There is no doubt that this pandemic had made brands find and create new ways for reaching their customers. And these new trends in marketing are going to prevail.